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  Since the beginning of the epidemic, more and more beverages that demand healthy functions have been attracting consumer attention. As the market for functional and nutritional value products grows, consumers are demanding more and more in order to meet the needs of different occasions and in the form of convenient consumption. Probiotics...etc. The global market outlook for plant-based milks also predicts that the market will expand rapidly by 2027, with total revenues exceeding US$27 billion by the end of the forecast period.



  The business philosophy of CAN (Culture Art and Nature) is "Land Friendly, Start with Soymilk". The use of domestically produced soybeans enhances the quality of soy products, and more importantly, protects the land in Taiwan, shortens food miles, and reduces carbon emissions during the transportation of imports. When making soy bean food, we use the TATIHSING "SHOKUNIN ONE" full-function automatic soy milk machine, which boils at high temperature with steam and no need to add defoamer until the test concentration reaches the standard, and then filter the pulp to formally complete the pure and concentrated soy milk with a concentration of nearly 10 degrees.


  Soybeans contain a natural ingredient called "saponin", which has good foaming properties. When heating raw soymilk, the temperature must rise to more than 80 degrees to eliminate the saponin, but because of the soymilk in the heating process will produce a large number of foam, resulting in raw soymilk is not fully cooked to stop heating, if careless drinking may cause human discomfort, serious health hazards may be. Therefore, many operators will choose to add defoamer to eliminate foam in order to smoothly heat the soymilk to fully cook, but defoamer is ultimately a chemical agent, although after qualified inspection, but long-term consumption will still have adverse effects on the human body.



  The "SHOKUNIN ONE" is an automated soymilk machine that integrates soymilk grinding, heating and filtering processes into one. It includes bean discharging entrance, bean feeding mechanism, bean feeding volume control motor, bean feeding status view window, bean grinder, cooking tank, cooked slurry transfer pump, control box, filtering mechanism and bean milk outlet. Only one machine is needed to produce high quality soymilk. In addition to eliminating the use of defoamer, it can effectively reduce the loss of soymilk, and the high efficiency of squeezing and filtering makes the yield of soymilk higher, and the special heating method adds to the rich and smooth flavor of soymilk. With the advantages of small size and floor space, it is very suitable to be placed in small stores for use, providing small caterers with convenient operation and use of small quantity production of soy milk equipment.