Exploring Anuga FoodTec in Cologne: Embracing Sustainable Development Challenges

  TaTiHsing has always been committed to improving equipment innovation and learning new technologies. To develop the automated food equipment better, we specifically visited the Anuga FoodTec, a food technology machinery exhibition in Cologne, Germany for on-site investigation.


Anuga FoodTec is an information and business platform for the international food and beverage automation equipment industry, providing professional knowledge and technology in various fields such as optimizing production lines, the technology of automation, crafts, filling, and packing. Even the food safety, digitization, and internal logistics. This expedition has provided valuable resources for TaTiHsing, enabling us to realize the newest technological trends and market developments. This will contribute to the production technology of soybean equipment. In the meantime, it can make the customers using TaTiHsing equipment grow with us and strengthen their competitiveness in the market as well.


Through this investigation, we gained the latest information in food technology and valuable experience. We also formulated clearer future development strategies. TaTiHsing will continue to demand of ourselves, striving to become professionals in the field of soybean food machinery innovation. Providing customers with higher quality products and services, also actively contributing to society and the environment.