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Description Packet Tofu (Filled type) Tofu Extra Firm Tofu (Tokan) Long life Soymilk Fresh Soymilk
Capacity 8 hrs/day 24,000.- Box 9,600.- Box 8,000.- Bag 64,000.-Bottle 24,000.- Bottle
Container volume 300.-g/Box 450.-g/Box 300.-g/Bag 250 ~350 cc/Bottle 1 or 1/2 GL, 1,000.cc/Bottle
Packing method PP/HDPE Box PP/HDPE Box Vacuum packing PP bottle or Can PP/HDPE Bottle
Packing sizes 3 dozen/basket 2 dozen/basket 2 dozen/box 2 dozen/tray 4-6 Bottle or 1 dozen/basket
Storage condition 5~7°C 5~7°C 5~7°C room temp. 30°C 5~7°C
Storage period 20-30 days 7 or 30 days 7 or 30 days 1 year 7-10 days
Kinds of product Salad Tofu Soup Tofu Soft Tofu Firm Tofu Embossed Tokan Flat Tokan PP bottle Tetra Pack Glass bottle PP/HDPE Bottle
Flavor available Egg Tofu Sasemi Tofu   Marinated Tokan Chinese Herb Tokan Plain Egg flavor Chocolate Vanilla Plain Egg flavor Chocolate Vanilla

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