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[I2:Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine] 

Automatic Filling & Sealing Machine


• Quantitative filler: Automatic box dispenser.
• Printer: heating carbon band type printer.
• First sealing unit: Plane sealing.
• Photoelectric sensor for film sealing correction.
• Second sealing unit: indention sealing.
• Cutting device: Cutting film after sealing.
• Product discharge unit.
• Capacity:1000 ~ 1200 box/hr. (1box/mold), 2200 ~2400 box/hr. (1box/mold)
• Sealing method:heat press sealing.
• Outline dimension:1500Lx1000Wx1600Hmm
• Power supply:220V/60Hz single phase (according to the country)
• Air pressure:6 ~ 8kg/cm2
• Process: Automatic setting box up--filling--printing-1st sealing-photoelectric sensor adjusting sealing position-2nd sealing--cutting-output in a line.
• Speed adjustable by Inverter, LED displays operating indications.
• All functions display on intelligent operating panel, easy to operate.
• Independent temperature control unit automatically adjust sealing temperature.
• With 2-step sealing ensure the sealing effect.
• Automatic adjusting sealing position with photoelectric sensor.
• Stainless steel and Aluminum alloy construction.
• Automatic adjusting film in center line and braking for the film roller, easy forreplacement.
• Automatic suction feeding, accurate metering, no bubbling, no leaking.
• Automatic discharging in row.

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