●  TaTiHsing has devoted itself to the soybean food industry since 1961. So far it has been more than half a century. We are the oldest and most experienced company engaged in the manufacture of automation soyfood machinery in Taiwan. Our customers have so far been located in 83 cities of 32 countries around the world. Most of them are excellent and leading manufacturers of soyfood locally. The most well-known manufacturers in Taiwan such as IMEI, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, SeeBest, Chun-Feng, Ta Han Food and other large food manufacturers have all adopted our equipment. 

歷久彌堅大地興 三代傳承五十年 

 ●  The spirit of “Tofu Machine Artisan” is upheld in our Company Motto. In modern society, concept for health-consciousness and healthful food is on the rise.We insist on making excellent manufacturing equipment which can make “plant proteins” soybean food and conform to international certification standards of GMP / HACCP / CE / CSA / UL, etc. The entire production process is controlled by PLC automatically. CIP automatic cleaning technology is adopted to make the whole plant soyfood manufacturing equipment the most sophisticated and suitable to meet customers' requirements (high degree of customization).We believe our customers can turn soybeans into gold (soybean food) with our machines.


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