Towards the Happiness: Sustainable Earth, Starting with Action!


First Stop: Environmental Sustainability

According to the Global Consumer Insights Report, the global cost of living continues to rise, leading consumers to significantly adjust their spending behaviors. Approximately 80% of consumers are willing to pay higher prices for sustainably produced goods, such as local farm products or those with lower carbon footprints. Over 40% of consumers indicate they are willing to pay a premium of up to 10% for sustainable products, while 10% express a willingness to pay a premium of up to 30%. Consumers no longer focus solely on the quality and safety of products; brands recognized as trustworthy and demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability are deemed more competitive in the market.


Second Stop: Moving Forward Bravely

TaTiHsing has implemented a comprehensive carbon footprint tracking initiative in response to ISO 14067 standards to ensure carbon emissions comply with international norms. We deeply believe that investing in green production and environmental protection is not only about staying competitive but also a social duty that responsible companies must fulfill. In terms of the social responsibility of corporation, we have made significant advance in paperless information integrated in cloud systems, solar energy generation, and other aspects. We aim to achieve environmental sustainability and strive towards green manufacturing by implementing methods such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and efficiency improvement. We are dedicated to keeping responsibilities to the environment, society, and stakeholders, committed to creating a greener, healthier, and sustainable future.



Third Stop: The Road to Happiness

Achieving the net-zero transition in 2050 is the well-known global consensus. TaTiHsing definitely believes in the significance of this goal, positively seeking various decarbonization strategies and accelerating its transformation to be a green enterprise. Our target is to be the leading global supplier of automated soybean food equipment. In 2023, TaTiHsing stood out among others with outstanding overall operational performance, research and development capabilities, quality control policies, and marketing services, earning the National Brand Yu Shan Award for 'Outstanding Enterprise.' This prize validates our ongoing efforts and serves as the best assurance of confidence for our customers. We believe that each effort is the key toward the happiness!