Plant-based protein, the new era of health!

In recent years, global attention towards environmental protection and healthy diet has increased. Many places around the world are advocating for less meat for a better environment. In this trend, plant-based protein has become an increasingly popular option. Tofu as an excellent vegetarian alternative, is rich in vegan protein, minerals, and fiber, making it the best choice for vegetarians and those who want to reduce meat intake, or those pursuing a healthy diet.


Upholding the machinery craftsmanship, Ta Ti Hsing has been specializing in soybean food production equipment for over 60 years. In this era where plant-based protein has become a popular choice, we continue to provide high-quality automatic equipment for the soybean industry, allowing more people to enjoy healthy and high-quality soy goods.

Ta Ti Hsing provides tofu through full automatic equipment, making tofu no longer difficult! From soaking, washing, grinding, cooking, filtering, coagulating, pressing, cutting, and pasteurizing, each process has corresponding specialized equipment for the entire production line. We provide manufacture line planning and technical support to make the capacity more efficient and stable, while ensuring food safety and hygiene.



As a new favorite plant-based protein, compared to other foods, soybean food not only has the function of preventing the risk from heart disease, but also provides rich plant-based protein, cholesterol-free, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B, fiber, iron, calcium, and zinc, within various nutritional needs and helping to maintain good condition. It has become a top choice for health-conscious.

Tofu is not only a delicious food, but also drives the new wave of healthy diet. Ta Ti Hsing's full-automatic production equipment has reliable quality and excellent performance. We hope to bring an innovative experience in tofu production to you.