Gathering of dignitaries,lively atmosphere

Tati New Plant Opening Ceremony

 Today (15th) Ta Ti Hsing Machinery Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony for the completion of Daxi plant. Chairman, Cho, Chien-Wang, and the general manager, Cho, Chun-Hung, lead all staffInvited Mr. Huang Suipeng, deputy director of Taoyuan Economic Development Bureau, fellow members of Rotary Club Taoyuan First District, as well as global customers from Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. to participate the event in Taiwan. At the same time, the general managers of well-known domestic tofu and dried tofu manufacturers such as I-MEI, Uni-President, Northwest Foods, Chun Feng Beans Foods and Brothers Farm Foods, the former and present chairmen of the county and city tofu associations and representatives of Daxi tofu industry are invited to attend our ceremony. The scene was lively, and VIPs from the political and business circles gathered.


 Chairman Cho, Chien-Wang as Assistant Director (AG) of Rotary Club 3502 Taoyuan First District, invited members of Rotary Club Taoyuan District to conduct professional visits through the inauguration of the new plant. A new generation of soybean food equipment was demonstrated. More than 300 people, including supply chain manufacturers and friends in the industry who have cooperated with Ta Ti Hsing for many years, attended the celebration. It fully demonstrated the R&D energy and struggle spirit of the local enterprises in Taoyuan for a long time.

 After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, guests were invited to hold a Thanksgiving together. Mayor, Cheng Wen-Tsan, was invited to give a speech. Mayor Cheng said Ta Ti Hsing has been cultivating the soybean equipment industry for nearly sixty years in Taoyuan. It has transformed from a traditional bean grinder to a fully automatic soybean food equipment manufacturing after continuous innovation and transformation. Ta Ti Hsing has been passed down for three generations so far, and it can be said to be a representative of the excellent small and medium-sized enterprises in Taoyuan. The city government is planning to set up a dried bean curd museum in Daxi Puding Park in the future requiring the participation of a professional team. At the scene, inviting Chairman, Cho, Chien-Wang, to serve as the consultant of the museum was also proposed, and the atmosphere was lively. 


 In the afternoon, the 2nd Global Soy Products Manufacturers Summit 2018 will be held in succession. This five-yearly event, the general managers or senior executives of well-known food manufacturers such as I-MEI, Standard Foods, Brothers Farm Foods, Chun Feng Beans Foods, etc., attended. Tati specially invited the chief operating officers of YSP and SOEI, the leading brand of Japanese soybean products equipment industry. Together with the former director of Uni-President, a well-known food company in Singapore, he served as the lecturer of the summit. The latest knowledge of the most advanced whole bean and no-cloth shape forming tofu making machine. It triggered a heated discussion among the participants, and it was a worthwhile visit!


 The chairman, Cho, Chien-Wang, said that the high-quality food factories being engaging in the production of soybean food (soymilk, tofu, dried tofu…) which using Ta Ti Hsing equipment have spread to dozens of cities on five continents so far. Ta Ti Hsing adheres to the original intention of operation, hopes to establish a global soy products exchange platform. Through this platform, global customers can widely share products of different quality and characteristics from various countries, and exchange the latest knowledge of soy products in the industry at the same time, to jointly develop the soy product industry.

    General manager, Cho, Chun-Hung, also said that in response to the global trend of healthy food, the demand for nutritious and natural soybean food in countries around the world has been growing exponentially in recent years. Ta Ti Hsing, the leader of Taiwan’s soybean food equipment, opened its new Daxi plant today (15th) in order to meet the demand for capacity expansion in the global market. More responsive to the government’s green energy policy, using solar panels to generate electricity. In the future, we will continue to work hard to actively expand internationally and continue to deepen the domestic market. Hope to provide more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer soybean food equipment to the industry. At the same time, promote the high-quality equipment Made In Taiwan (MIT) to the world.