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Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange (TCX) officially opened on August 7th.

 As the global ESG, sustainable development and net-zero issues continue to ferment, carbon credit and carbon trading are increasingly valued by all walks of life, and people's understanding of and demand for carbon credit continue to grow, the Taiwan Carbon Credit Exchange will become an important platform for promoting sustainable development and environmental protection.  


What is Carbon Emission Credit?


 In the past, carbon dioxide was emitted without any cost, which led to the continuous increase of global carbon emissions. Carbon credit represents the "Right to emit greenhouse gases." The mechanism is based on the concept of carbon pricing, whereby carbon emissions are measured and a cap-and-trade system is introduced so that carbon dioxide emissions must be paid for to ensure that the value of carbon is accurately priced. One carbon credit is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon emissions, allowing a country or enterprise to quantify and track the total amount of carbon reduction. With the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, carbon credit are gradually becoming a tradable commodity, allowing governments or private organizations to trade carbon credit in the carbon market.


 "Carbon Credit" plays a key role, the core purpose of which is to effectively control carbon emissions and ensure the rational allocation of carbon resources.  It encourages companies and countries to actively reduce carbon emissions, promote environmental protection and sustainable development. Its value is not only in carbon Emission control is more about stimulating green innovation and technological advancement. This is a common challenge that requires global cooperation to inject more impetus into carbon emission reduction.


TATIHSINGCorporate Mission: Toward a Green and Sustainable Future

 TATIHSING is well aware of the importance of net-zero transformation by 2050, actively seeking various carbon reduction solutions, and accelerating the transformation into a green enterprise. We are developing and applying smart factories and green production technologies , through the optimization of production processes and energy Effective management of usage reduces our carbon emissions. 

  For the tracking of carbon inventory, we have launched a comprehensive plan to introduce ISO 14064-1 to ensure that carbon emissions comply with international trends. This is not only in line with the global trend of net-zero carbon emissions, but also as a responsible corporate social responsibility.