Light up the stars with permanent love.



  The Christmas is coming. In this warm and loving month, TaTiHsing aided local disadvantaged groups. We support the purchase of handmade cookies from the Taoyuan City Government's sheltered workshop for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This initiative targets to build confidence in these individuals, fostering their self-reliance. Through actual actions, we spread love and care to society, creating a warm and supportive environment being aware of the self-worth of every member.




One Gift, Two Happiness.

  Through the 'Christmas party' event, our company has cultivated an atmosphere filled with love and joy. This not only provided a heartwarming holiday experience for our employees to get together to celebrate Christmas, but also deepened the emotional connections among us. It has fostered a warm and vibrant working environment, solidifying our company's unity and cohesion further.


  At TaTiHsing, we deeply understand that social responsibility is a necessary part for the business. While running our operations, we aim to contribute to society beyond our business scope. During Christmas, we sustainably use love to light up the stars. By ordering gift boxes to fulfill charitable objectives, embodying the core value of corporate sustainability. This is our ongoing dedication to spreading love to society.