Tatihsing company's philosophy of "respect, care, and gratitude" is invested in local care, social welfare and environmental protection activities. In April, Dadixing raised all the colleagues' love, and purchased the relevant love materials for the private court Fangqizhi Correctional Institution in Daxi District, and led the delegation to visit the Tingfang Nursing Home and transferred the love materials to Xie Dean. To express the love and care of the earth. I hope that we can exert positive influence on the society and work together to create a harmonious society of coexistence, common prosperity and common good.


The Tingfang Retreat is a service target of 15 years old, moderate, severe and extremely heavy, and provides individualized services such as education, training, maintenance and rehabilitation according to the ability of the client, and develops its potential to promote and promote Its physical and mental health and ability to adapt to social life can return to normal life in society.