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[B2:Stainless Steel Butterfly Rotary Type Grinder]





KGM-100F120-150kg Dry Beans/Hour
KGM-200F250-300kg Dry Beans/Hour

KGM-300F350-400kg Dry Beans/Hour
Grinding stone-free,avoids the emery mixing into the soymilk, and reduces the consumption and the destruction puzzles.
Conform to the security procedure of food machine and the HACCP design standard.

• Applicable for the high temperature CIP clean procedure; conforms to food GMP design standard.
Butterfly's knives and screen meshes can be replaced by the varied demand of all kind of products . 
Horizontal-type axis (center) transmission design, may avoid the causing problem by infiltrate of the bearing and motor damage.
Wash and dismantle exempt hand tool, easy to maintain the service, low breakdown, low consumption,and long-livcd.

• Especially design for the steam injection hole, for grinding beans -in order to reduce the bcany  falvour,and keep the original smell in soybean products.

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